M3 Yerba Mate Matcha

Yerba Mate is the traditional go to south American Brew! We have taken this caffeine rich green mate and finely ground it to a powder, crafted inline with the traditional Matcha process. Yerba Mate is said to have many potential health benefits, its said to have the caffeine hit of coffee without the crash. It is said to increase energy and enhance mental clarity, alertness, focus, and concentration.  


Brew Like We Do

We like our Matcha with milk. Make the perfect green, rooibos, or Yerba Mate Lattea in three simple steps

  • Whisk milk in a milk frother or heat up some milk and froth with a whisk 
  • Meanwhile, whisk one perfect spoon of matcha in a bowl with hot water
  • Pour the matcha into a mug and add the frothed milk, sweeten to taste with honey


Organic Yerba Mate



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