#22 Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty A.K.A Bai Hao Oolong. Before a bud and two leaves are carefully hand picked in mid June, the tea garden await the arrival of a tea-loving insect, the tea jassid, which nibbles the leaves. This causes the tea bush to react and produce elements that bring out a unique sweet flavour. This produces the distinctive honey muscatel notes and  smooth infusion, with a finish of sweet autumnal fruit finish.



Best Brewed: Hot 

1-2 tea spoons, pour in the hot water (90℃), infuse for 2-3 minuets.  You can get at lest 3 infusions of  Oriental Beauty. We suggest you serve  this one without milk. Brewing is part of the fun, experiment to find what you like the best.


Supreme Oolong Tea

Chiayi County, Taiwan 

Contains Caffeine / Vegan 

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