#25 Ti Kwan Yin Iron Goddess

Oolong is semi-oxidised tea, sort of in the middle between black tea and green tea. This Ti Kwan Yin is a light oolong which is slightly sweet and fragrant. 


Best Brewed: Hot

1-2 tea spoons, pour in the hot water (90℃), infuse for 2-3 minuets. You can get at lest 3 infusions of Ti Kwan Yin. We suggest you serve this one without milk. Brewing is part of the fun, experiment to find what you like the best.

The legend of the Iron Goddess of mercy came from a farmer, who for the purpose of this story we will call Dave. Dave passed a shrine to Kuan Yin every day on his way to work, so he decided to tidy and take care it. Months later Dave had a dream where the goddess told him to look behind the shrine and all Dave found was a tea plant. Dave then planted this tea plant in his tea garden. Fast forward and Dave got rich and Ti Kuan Yin tea became very famous. Thanks for the delicious tea, Mr farmer from anxi, Fujian Province who may or may not of been called Dave. 



Contains Caffeine / Vegan 


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