Viva Scandinavia Infusion Teapot Glass

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This Pot

One of our go to teapots perfect for brewing up to five cups of our No 5 Ice Cream Earl Grey Tea or your favourite brew. This teapot comes with a fine mesh stainless steel tea infuser so you get the best from your loose leaf. The spout is designed to stop any of them pesky drips and the rubber cap fits snug so you don't have to worry about loosing your lid! The easy to remove infuser will prevent over brewing. Comes boxed.

Pot Specs: 5 cups

H13.5 x W13.2 cm 1000ml 

Heat resistant glass, dishwasher safe

How To Use

This teapot comes with a high quality stainless steel infuser basket for super easy brewing. Just add your tea leaves to the infuser basket and your hot/cold water. Remove the basket or serve the tea after desired brew time.

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