We want people to bin boring dusty teabags. The tea bag brew has become second nature, along the way flavour and quality has faded away in the dust. Proper quality loose leaf tea is full of flavour and variety, worlds away from any teabag brew.



We are a tea company that wants to make proper loose leaf tea understandable, easy to try, and easy to buy. Tea is so much more than a dusty tea bag, which is why we create tea selections to allow people to experience different types and blends of tea.





Story of Tea Revv


2011 Joe Howard was fresh out of school, so he did what any normal eighteen year old boy would do on his gap year. Joe found a vacant store in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Armed with no business experience and a Richard Branson business book, Joe opened a gift shop. What could go wrong really? Among the many brands he stocked were some well known brands of tea and coffee.

2014 and after a good few years of learning how not to run a business and having his best year to date, he decided to renovate the upstairs of his shop for more retail space. Focusing on food and drink, he took a particular interest with the world of tea, learning about the different types, blends, history and culture.

October 2016 Having sold his shop in Bakewell, Joe wanted another challenge and planned to start his own brand of tea. He wanted to start a tea brand that really promoted a superior quality tea, with tasty and exciting unusual blends not usually found in the common tea bag. Joe didn’t want the brand to be boring or pompous or sell the same old blends of black, generic green tea and fruit tea.

2017 Joe furthered his tea knowledge with one of the worlds leading Tea education courses and launched Tea Revv, the proper tea revolution. In October Tea Revv launched its Tea 24 Advent Calendar on Kickstarter. This successful project saw the tea advent calendar delivered all around the world. This kickstarted Tea Revv.



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