#47 Study Buddy Energy Maté

Maté tea is a caffeine-rich South American drink. Forget revision groups, this is the only buddy you need. Fruits and green Maté leaves will help keep you focused on your work and not on watching cats on the internet, swiping right on Tinder or bingeing a whole season of Game of Thrones.


Best Brewed: Hot / Iced

1-2 teaspoons, pour in the hot water (80℃), infuse for 3-4 minuets. Serve  this one without milk. Brewing is part of the fun, experiment to find what you like the best.


Apple, Rosehip, Orange pieces, Hibiscus, Sunflower, Safflower petals, Rosemary and Green Maté leaves, Natural flavours

Contains Caffeine / Vegan


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